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Los Peperetes

The origins of the company date back to 1990 when Jesús Lorenzo created the cannery. In 1993, the Lorenzo Paz family founded the current JELOPA, S.L, owner of the LOS PEPERETES brand. Their aim was ambitious: to produce the very best canned foods using the most exquisite products from the Galician Rías; to create an exclusive brand of an exceptionally high quality and limited traditional production, aimed at all those who truly appreciate the very best. LOS PEPERETES was thereby born, an innovative and eye-catching brand, produced daily with all the love and care involved and inherent in the traditional production process. Manual selection and processing of the seafood forms the fundamental basis of our process, and it is also the simple formula for achieving our objective: to provide our clients with the very best canned produce from Galicia. Our principal mission is to ensure the quality of our products. To this effect, the process begins with the meticulous SELECTION of only the very best fish and seafood from our Rías. To follow, the produce undergoes a TREATMENT process, which is of vital importance, and which is carried out both meticulously and using traditional methods, thanks to the relatively small scale of our production. Finally, for the purposes of certifying that the process itself produces the very best results, rigorous and detailed QUALITY CONTROLS are undertaken, of the prime materials as well as of the production processes, paying special attention to the incubation, sealing and sterilization of the containers, with the documentation of all this data in the company’s files. Similarly, data such as the production and expiry dates, production batch or Industrial Registration number, as detailed on the containers, will all serve to assure you that you have a unique and very special product in your hands. We invite you to enjoy a product that has been prepared with utmost love and care by a family-run brand.

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