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Terms of Service and recruitment

The following general conditions of use and contracting (from now on, “general conditions”) establish, together with the privacy policy, the access and the use, from the user, of the web site and its subdomains (from now on, “the web site”), as well as for the contract of products and services through it. By accepting the following general conditions, the user manifests:

That he/she has read and understands the following statements.
That he/she is over age and with complete capability to contract.
That he/she assumes all the obligations here exposed.

The use of the web site gives the condition of user of the web site (from now on, “the user”) and implies the acceptation of all the terms included in these general conditions. The user must read carefully all the following general conditions any time he/she access the web site, given that this and its general conditions may be subject of alteration.

The owner of the web site, Lluís Fàbregas Masó (from now on “Delicat Plural”) reserves the right to make, in any moment and with no need of prior notice, any modification or update of its contents and services, from the following general conditions and, in general, from the amount of items that consist of.

1. General information from the web site

In accordance with provisions established in article 10  from Law 34/2002, 11th of July, of society  services of the information and electronic business, the general information of the web site is offered in the following lines:

Owner: Lluís Fàbregas Masó

Social address: Calle Almeda, 14 of 17300 Bordils, Girona, Spain.

C.I.F.: 40299129R
Phone number: 659956847


2. Conditions of use

2.1. Access to the web site

The access to the web site is not charged, except what is charged through the internet connection provided through the web of telecommunications by the supplier of access by the user. Given that some of the contents and services of the web site concern about alcoholic beverages, the access to it is only allowed to legal aged users.  Please, if you are minor aged abandon immediately this web site.

2.2. Necessity of registration

In general terms, to get access to the services and contents of the web site it will not be necessary the registration of the user. Nevertheless, the use of some services and contents could be conditioned to the previous registration of the user.

Introduced data by the user must be exact, updated and true in every moment. The registered user will be responsible in every moment of the custody of his/her password, assuming in consequence any damage or prejudice that could derive from its inappropriate use, as well as the cession, revelation or loss of it. To these effects, the access to restricted areas and/or the services and contents made under the password of the registered user will be considered made for the registered user, who will answer in every case of access and use.

2.3. Rules of use of the web site

The user must use the web site and all its contents and services according to what is established in the Law, the moral, public order and in the present general conditions. Additionally, it is a must to make a suitable use of the services and/or contents of the web site and not employ them to make illicit activities and crime established, that could attempt against the rights of thirds and/or that could infringe the regulation of intellectual and industrial property , or any of the rules from the applicable legal provisions.

2.3.1. Do not introduce or spread contents or advertising of racist, xenophobic, pornographic, in defence of terrorism or that infringe upon the human rights content.

2.3.2. Do not introduce or spread in the web data programs (virus and damaging softwares) subjected to cause damages in the informatics systems of the access provider, its providers or thirds in the Internet web.

2.3.3. Do not spread, transmit or put in disposal of thirds any type of information, element or content that attempts against the fundamental rights and the public freedom recognised constitutionally and in the international treats.

2.3.4. Do not spread, transmit or put in disposal of thirds any type of information, item or content that constitutes illicit or disloyal advertisement.

2.3.5. Do not transmit non requested or authorized advertising, advertising material, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other way of request, except in those areas (like commercial spaces) that have been exclusively given for that purpose.

2.3.6. Do not introduce or spread any fake information or content, ambiguous or inexact in a way that could lead to any misunderstanding from the receptors of the information.

2.3.7. Do not alter fraudulently other users using their registration passwords to the different services and /or contents in the web site.

2.3.8. Do not spread, transmit or put in disposal to thirds any type of information, item or content that can suppose a violation of the secret of communications and the legislation upon data protection.

2.3.10. The user is obligated to maintain unharmed Delicat Plurat in front of any possible complaint, fine, sentence or sanction that could come forced to face in consequence of the incompletion by the user of any of the rules of use previously indicated, reserving moreover Delicat Plural the right to request a compensation for the corresponding injuries and damages.

2.4. Exclusion of responsibility

The user access to the web site does not imply to Delicat plural the obligation to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computing element. It corresponds to the user, in any case, the availability of proper tools for detection and disinfection of harmful informatics programs.

Delicat Plural does not take responsibility of the injuries produced in the software and computer systems from the user or thirds during the use of the offered services in the web site.

Delicat Plural does not take responsibility of the injuries of any other type produced in the user that could bring cause of failures or disconnections in the web of telecommunications that could produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of web site service during the benefit of it or prior to notice.

2.5. Contents and services linked through the web site

The access service to the web site includes technical linking devices, directories and even search tools letting the user to access to other pages and internet portals (from now on, “linked sites”). In these cases, Delicat Plural only will be responsible of the contents and supplied services in the linked sites to the extent that has the effective knowledge on the unlawfulness and has not deactivated the link with due diligence. In the case that the user considers that exists a linked site with illicit or inadequate contents, he/she can communicate it to Delicat Plural without the need, in any case, that this communication brings the obligation of removing the corresponding link.

In any case the existence of those linked sites must anticipate the formalization of agreements with the responsible people or owners of them, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of Delicat Plural with the manifestations, contents or provided services.

Delicat Plural does not know the contents and services of the linked sites and, therefore, does not become responsible for any injury produced by the illicity, quality, failure, unavailability, error and futility of the contents and/or services of the linked sites, not even for any other injury that it is not directly imputable to Delicat Plural.

In the supposed cases in which the user could access or be redirected to other linked sites that could let the engagement of the services and/or products, the user knows and accepts that Delicat Plural acts as a mere intermediate facilitating the access of it, therefore it will not be responsible, neither indirectly nor alternatively, from the injuries and damages of any nature derived from the free use and/or engagement  from the presented services and products of thirds, as well as the lack of legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness and updating of them. In an expository manner, and in any case limited, Delicat Plural will not be responsible for the injuries and damages of any nature derived from the defective fulfilment or unfulfilment of the commitments of the engagement acquired by thirds, the realisation of acts from disloyal competence and illicit propaganda, the inadequacy and defrauding of the expectations of these services and products from thirds and the vices and defects of any class that could be found in them.

2.6. Intellectual and industrial property

All the contents in the web site, understanding from them, in an expository manner, the texts, pictures, videos, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audio-visual and sound contents, as well as its graphic design and source code, are intellectual property of Delicat Plural or thirds, with no understanding in those being transferred to the user none of the rights of exploitation recognised by the current regulations when it comes about intellectual property of them.

The brands, commercial names or distinctive signs are owned by Delicat Plural or third parties, which may not be understood that the access to the web site attributes any right in them.

By means of acceptation of these general conditions, the user gives to Delicat Plural, free of charge and exclusively, all the rights of making use upon the articles, comments and opinions (from now on “the contents”) that the user publishes or whom publication allows in the web site. This cession will be understood to be realised in a worldwide territorial scope, with no limitations, and for the maximum period expected in the Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996, 12th of April, from where it is approved the text combined in the Intellectual Property Law, legalizing, clarifying and harmonizing the current legal arrangement on the subject. Delicat Plural can then make use of the rights of reproduction, transformation, distribution and public communication of the contents, in the broadest sense recognized by this Law.

The user, affirming to have disposal of all the rights of intellectual property upon the articles, comments and opinions previously mentioned, is obligated in assuming all reclamation or responsibility, including compensations for injuries and damages, that any other third party could practise against Delicat Plural considering infringed its rights for any of the derived actions from the obligations that the user contracts directly or indirectly with those general conditions.

Additionally, the user is obligated to maintain unharmed Delicat Plural in front of any damage that he/she or a third party could suffer as a consequence of the formalization of the rights cession regulated in this clause.

3. Conditions if the arrangement

3.1. The pictures and texts illustrating the products have been provided by our suppliers, and special attention has been put in suppressing any type of error, nevertheless if finding some please communicate it to us in order to correct it as soon as possible in the benefit of all the users. Also, we advise you that in the case that you would buy any product on this page, make sure that the name of the product is what you want.

Delicat Plural does not guarantee a complete availability in the moment of the purchase independently on receiving the e-mail with the confirmation of order. In the case of unavailability of the acquired product during the order, a refund of the entire purchase cost will be made to the user, as long as the user does not want a change of product.

 3.2. Purchasing procedure

The procedure to buy products through the web site, is the following:

1. Start the process clicking the button “buy now” appearing next to each product. You can add as many as you want in your shopping cart always clicking the button “buy now”.

2. Select the units of each product that wish to be acquired in the section “quantity”.

3. In the case of having a discount or gift coupon, the user should include it the empowered space for the introduction of the coupon “discount coupon”. In the case that the coupon is not introduced in this space and the order is made without the discount, the user will not be able to reclaim afterwards the confirmation of the order applying the discount.

4. Once finished your purchase, you should click the button “Order”.

5. In the next step you should complete the “information of invoice” at the effects of being able to process the invoice of your purchase.

6. After that you should complete the section “information of delivery” that can be the same or not as the information of invoice.

7. In order to continue you should select the “delivery method” where the user can visualise the name of the logistic operator that will bring your order, the estimated delivery time and the cost if this service, that will be added to the total cost of the order.

8. In this last step you should choose the method of payment in “information of payment” bby selecting any from the following available methods of payments: Payment through credit/debit card, PayPal or through bank transfer.

9. Finally in the section “check out of the order” the user will verify all the requested information for its checking out or modification if given the case.

10. The user will receive the confirmation of the acceptation of his/her order through a screen message and through an e-mail in the account given previously. All he products of the web site are commercialized  in function of the catalogues in sale of Delicat Plural partners.

3.3. Prices and payment methods

All the prices published in the web site, excepting those indicated, do NOT include IVA (taxes) or any other corresponding taxes. The user should pay his/her purchases through a bank transfer, PayPal or credit/debit card.

In order to proceed to the payment through bank transfer, the user should make a transfer with all the details appearing in the e-mail of confirmation of order. In it is indicated the account number that the transfer has to be made, the amount and the reference that must be annexed to speed up the process of definitive acceptation of the order. The order will be processed once received the entire amount of it and the delivery time will start counting from the moment of reception of the entire amount. The order made through bank transfer has a 48 hours validity. Any other payment made after this deadline can be subjected to changes of availability of the product or prices.

Delicat Plural reserves the right of requesting a copy by fax or e-mail used in the purchase and identity document (ID, passport…) of the user to confirm the veracity of the provided data.

3.4. Delivery of orders, cancellations and refunds

The acquired products by the user will be send through a logistic operator hired by Delicat Plural or also by the ones used for any Delicat Plural partner. In the fulfilment of the order, the name of the logistic operator as well as the associated expenses to each order will appear in the realization of the purchase. To this, it may be necessary the communication of the delivery data of the user to the collaborating company of Delicat Plural that provides the product of the order for the correct realization of the delivery. The transfer, communication and use of this data will be only to be able to process the delivery of the order made in Delicat Plural web site. The costs for an incorrect introduction of delivery data in the order from the user will be responsibility of the user.

The orders delivery will be made in the delivery address appointed freely by the user in the order form. Delicat Plural will not assume any responsibility when the product delivery is not fulfilled correctly as a consequence of inaccuracy or falseness of the provided data by the user, as well as in the case that the delivery cannot be carried out by alien causes to the assigned delivery company, as well as for the absence of the recipient. The order will be delivered in the briefest period and, in any case, always before thirty (30) natural days from the date of confirmation of order.

 The orders can be cancelled without any additional costs until the moment where the delivery is made effective. If we receive an advice of cancellation once the package is already sent it will be considered a refund. Refunds can be made until 7 days after receiving the product. The delivery expenses are responsibility of the customer. The cost of the product will be refunded entirely, as long as previously the product has been returned and received by the supplier in perfect conditions.

From these are excluded those refunds derived from a Delicat Plural mistake or any defect of the product. In that case, Delicat Plural commits to change the defective product for another similar one as long as there is availability of it, as well as the refunding and delivery expenses. In the assumed case that the change cannot be made, the refund of the cost will be made. In order to be effective the cost refund please contact with us through the phone 659956847 or the e-mail

3.5. Communications

When a user makes an order through the web site of Delicat Plural and the acquired product is from a collaborator or partner, he/she will be informed about a contact e-mail (as well as a phone number) of the supplier company of the product and responsible of the supply and the delivery.

4. Invalidity and inefficiency of the clauses

If any given clause included in the present general conditions would be declared totally or partially invalid or inefficient, this invalidity or inefficiency would just affect to such arrangement or the part of it that results invalid or inefficient, persisting the present general conditions in everything else and considering such arrangement totally or partially by not be included.

5. Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction

These general conditions are regulated and interpreted in agreement with the Laws of Spain. Delicat Plural and the user agree to submit any controversy that could be provoked by the access and/or use of the web site, to the Judges an Trials of Girona, Spain, with expressed resignation to anyone else that could correspond in case of being different.

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